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набира служители за наш клиент в гр.София.

We looking for a Senior Software Developer.

Core requirements

Programming expertise

Excellent understanding of and in-depth experience with JavaEE or core Java + Spring. Significant experience with SQL and data integration tools. Experience with JavaScript, jQuery, and UI frameworks – preferably KendoUI. A feel for good UX and desire to constantly improve it. Knowledge of distributed systems is a plus.

Software design experience

Experience with Object-Oriented design, solid and time-tested design patterns, data structures, and modeling tools (UML). Ability to write clean, understandable, and robust code with ease.


Able to take ownership of large intricate tasks and product improvements, break them down into implementable pieces, be able to delegate tasks to team members in an understandable manner, and code them following tried and tested design principles.

Main responsibilities

Design and build

Leading role in product design and development – collaborating with team members in defining the architecture and design of product modules, personally providing key inputs in the process.


Understanding new forecasting and optimization prototypes handed over by your colleagues and transform them into solid and maintainable product modules. Later on, you may be expected to also help in their development.

Set an example

Helping define, as well as meticulously follow, good development practices (unit tests, good design based on sound OOP principles, proper usage of algorithms and data structures, clean and understandable code).


Mentoring younger and less experienced colleagues, supporting them in resolving technical and mental challenges, and growing as developers.

How you will spend your time.

50% -Writing code20%-Architecture design15%-Data integration10%-Mentoring and knowledge sharing4%-Refactoring1%-Drinking coffee (or tea)

If you think this job will fit for you, send us your CV by clicking the APPLY button below or e-mail address Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted!

All documents will be treated in strict confidentiality!

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